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Success in e-commerce is also a question of the right tool

Who wishes to be successful with an online shop needs the corresponding software – Hybris provides everything for a customer-friendly service and intuitive operability. In addition, the software makes it possible for the shop operator to perform various analyses and statistics. The customer's behaviour must be analysed and, based on these evaluations, measures can be taken for the future. That is the only way to provide your own customers with the appropriate information and to supply corresponding offers. In doing so, valuable resources can be released from sales, marketing and customer service and employed by other departments, whereby important potentials can be used. The SAP Hybris Software makes all of this possible!

Delticom offers you the unique chance to acquire a Hybris licence, which stands out not only in terms of features, but also due to its configuration and, nowadays, it cannot be bought in this form anymore.

For a better understanding of our product, we provide you with the following guide, where we have compiled a lot of tips for its use and much more important information. Optionally, you can go directly to the licence here and skip the offer.

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Increase customer ties

With the solution for B2C Commerce, you increase the ties to your end customers and your turnover at the same time.

Better contact with business customers

With the B2B solution, you provide a functional and flexible shopping experience for your business customers.

Self-service for buyers

Thanks to various account management options for buyers and self-service options, you create latitudes for buyers, which noticeably simplify bulk purchasing.

The Guide – This is why Hybris is so special

Who buys a Hybris licence acquires a shop system with real multichannel sales. The software for online shops enables communication with customers via different channels and is, therefore, the only provider with a classic multichannel solution. Consequently, Hybris has a real unique selling point at its disposal. The commerce software is already being used by renowned companies such as H&M, Lufthansa, Adidas, Migros and Conrad.

Thereby, a broad range of functions is offered, like for example numerous search and navigation possibilities, various merchandising functions, a web content management system, user tracking, as well as a platform for the central management of content and product data, which contains a product information management system.

Hybris is based on Java and is therefore designed for large quantities of data. The shop is hosted either by an external service provider or by the shop operator himself. Depending on the size of the shop, the hardware must be correspondingly dimensioned. It is very important for the software to be scalable. Alternatively, hosted shop solutions are offered as well.

As a rule, the implementation of the shop takes place with a Hybris partner since the software is customisable and very flexible so that an external system can be connected to it. The solution is constantly developed further and adapted to the rising market demands. About every six months, there is a smaller upgrade and larger updates are released about every two years. There are different modules to connect third systems like payment software or ERP for instance. These can also be adapted according to the customer's requirements.

Excellent product presentation

With diverse product content and catalogue management functions, you have an operable solution at your disposal, with which you can present content, images and videos.

Processing of customer orders from all channels

Thanks to omnichannel order processing via one single system, you take over your customers' orders from all channels.

Customised results

Adapt your offers to your customers' current and historical purchase behaviours and deliver relevant experiences by doing so.

With a Hybris licence, it is possible to receive diverse information whereby working processes, as well as customer relations, are improved. Several features have been installed in Hybris for this purpose, which offer added value to the company thanks to higher automation. From product sale to customer service and marketing up to simple search options for customers, Hybris offer an optimal shopping platform in order to implement your own, individual omnichannel solution. Thereby, it is a forward-looking e-commerce strategy which makes it possible to contact customers uniformly via several channels.

Hybris offers accelerators, which provide the basis for the business model, not only to Business-to-Consumer (B2C) but also to Business-to-Business (B2B). A product content management system, a web content management system and an order management system are included, as well as a digital assessment management system. Hybris has good scalability, high flexibility and offers security and stability.

With Hybris, users offer their customers a platform with a lot of innovative functions. The transactions are safe and thereby offer a unique shopping experience to customers, which in turn strengthens customer ties. With just one solution, different pages can be created and managed, whereby it is possible to meet the requirements and demands of diverse markets. By means of an integrated search engine optimisation, the range of coverage of customers is improved and hence the customer base is enlarged. Due to the simplicity of the software, time-to-market is significantly reduced. Therefore, it is possible to increase one's own sales potential considerably.

Due to the fact that a number of marketing platforms can be made available by using a single software, Hybris is the optimal solution for all enterprises that have a large customer base which is made up of different types. Because it is simple to keep in contact with customers in this way. As such, the customer becomes part of the process and not just a common end customer.

SAP Hybris has been developed to adapt itself optimally to the constant changes that take place in customer management and business processes. The functions of the software are vast, we have compiled the most important ones here below:

  • multichannel commerce
  • omnichannel B2B
  • omnichannel B2C
  • Catalogue management
  • Integrated SEO optimisation
  • Automation of field service
  • Sales performance management
  • Management of subscribers' orders
  • Price simulation
  • Finance management
  • Document management

Let us prepare a favourable offer for you and find out how much our economical licence costs.

For e-business, consistent customer experiences when contacting a company and corresponding proximity to customers are the key factors for success. With Hybris, you can sink your costs and expenditure of time. By doing so, you gain more time to develop and implement your marketing strategies, as well as for other innovations. Hybris encompasses five areas:

  • Commerce
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Service
  • Management

What should you pay attention to when buying a Hybris licence?

When looking for a corresponding solution, first of all, a catalogue must be created to that effect, in order to be able to find an optimal e-commerce solution. After all, every company has different needs and requires a system that can be customised according to its size, the type of employees and buyers, and the line of business in question. There is no ready-made standard e-commerce solution, which can actually offer all functions without any adjustment. For this reason, we advise you to create a needs catalogue first and to consider which functions and tools will be needed. Thereby, different factors have to be taken into consideration, such as the size of the business and the number of employees the budget, the existing infrastructure and much more.

Why Hybris Commerce entails so many advantages

A web content management system is included. There are integrated functions for internationalisation, like for example different currencies and languages. In addition, various types of buyers and users can be managed. Thanks to the customisable framework, there is minimal implementation effort, hence sales can begin faster and the duration of projects can be reduced at a lower cost.

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Delticom customised offer

Delticom AG offers you the unique opportunity to buy an already compiled licence which cannot be bought anymore in this scope and with those features. In addition, you will receive this licence at particularly favourable conditions. Contact us!

Buy your Hybris licence now at a low price.

We will gladly inform you about what solution we can offer you. After all, choosing the right shop system, besides the products to be sold, is the core of every e-commerce business. As a rule, the shop system specifies the framework possibilities for the shop operator. Therefore, if you make the mistake of choosing an e-commerce system that is inappropriate, then you block your chances of being successful. Thus, the shop system should not only have a range of functions, which is far beyond the standard, but it would also be preferable if it were optimised for search engines at the same time. The Hybris licence combines all of this for it offers a shop system and content management all in one. If we have convinced you of the Hybris advantages, and you are thinking of purchasing a licence, then please contact us noncommittally – we will advise you free of charge and deliver in a timely manner.

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